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Przemysław Osiewicz


Short bio

Przemysław Osiewicz – Assoc. Prof. at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Fulbright Senior Award Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (2016-17). Non-Resident Fellow, the Middle East Institute, Washington D.C. Visiting lecturer of universities in the United States, Belgium, Sweden, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Taiwan. Author and co-author of five monographs and over 90 book chapters and articles in political science and international relations.

Affiliation(s) and current position at institute

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

Assoc. Prof.

Kkeywords of research fields (both on Indo-Pacific and other)

the Belt and Road Initiative – the Middle East – international conflicts – international disputes – foreign policy

Works/publications on Indo-Pacific

·         Iran-China Relations Revisited: The Case of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), w: Beyond Europe: Politics and Change in Global and Regional Affairs, R. Fiedler, A. Stelmach (red.), Logos Verlag, Berlin 2018.

·         The European Union and the People’s Republic of China’s attitudes towards the Middle East: Convergent and divergent political interests, in: Routledge Handbook of Asia in World Politics, Teh-Kuang Chang, Angelin Chang (eds), Routledge, New York 2017.

·         Ideological Determinants of the Current Saudi-Iranian Rivalry in the Middle East, „Przegląd Politologiczny” 2016, nr 2.

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