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“Indo-Pacific and the shape of international relations”

Indo-Pacific has become one of the focal points of the foreign policy and strategy of multiple states, be it because they engage with the concept or reject it in its entirety. It has therefore come to shape the behaviour of states, organizations and other international actors across the globe.

This conference will seek to facilitate a better understanding of the concept, its impact and the individual approaches of actors in international relations.

Conference Venue: Library of the University of Warsaw (tbc)
Conference time:
15th December 2022 10am - 5pm
16th December 2022 10am - 3pm

We would like propose the following questions for debate:

1. Is the concept of Indo-Pacific truly necessary for understanding modern IR?

2. How and why are states outside of the region engaging with it?

3. What are the perceptions of Indo-Pacific in and outside of the region?

4. How does Indo-Pacific impact the security and stability of the international system?

Keynote Speakers:

Kate Sullivan de Estada, University of Oxford CV- link
Jagganath Panda, Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs. CV- link

Conference plan - dowland here