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Stefano Pelaggi


Short bio

Stefano Pelaggi received a MA in Sociology and a Ph.D. in History both from the Sapienza University of Rome. He is currently Adjunct Professor in “Sociology of Made in Italy” at Sapienza University of Roma, in the past years he has been teaching as Adjunct Professor “Nationalism and national minorities in Europe” and “Development and processes of colonization and decolonization” at Sapienza University. He conducts research activities at CEMAS in Sapienza University and in Studies Centre. His research field is mainly focused in the concept of soft power and public diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region, in national identities and migration studies. He has published several articles in peer reviewed scientific journal and two monographies. Over the years he has participated in various conferences and workshops, has been a visiting professor in many countries including Taiwan, Argentina and Myanmar and he has taught courses in various Italian universities.

Affiliation(s) and current position at institute

Sapienza University of Rome

Kkeywords of research fields (both on Indo-Pacific and other)

“Taiwan” “Soft Power” “Public Diplomacy” “China Soft Power” “Taiwan Identity” “Cross Strait Relations”

Works/publications on Indo-Pacific

Pelaggi, S. 2019. “Evolution and Dimensions of Taiwanese Soft Power and its Effectiveness in Europe” in Tamkang Journal of International Affairs, Jan 2019, pp. 49-118, DOI:10.6185/TJIA.V.21.N1.P49.P.118.

Pelaggi, S. 2019. “I tecnici italiani nel Regno di Birmania. L’esportazione di emigrazione qualificata e le tentazioni coloniali del Regno d’Italia nel sud est Asiatico” ( Italian technicians in the Kingdom of Burma. The export of qualified emigration and the colonial temptations of the Kingdom of Italy in South East Asia) in Studi Emigrazione, April- June 2019 n.214, pp. 49-118, ISSN 0039-2936, Ref.:

Pelaggi, S. 2018. “Il ruolo strategico di Taiwan nella nuova politica statunitense nell'Indo-Pacifico” (Taiwan's Strategic Role in the New US Policy for Indo-Pacific), in Rivista Trimestrale di Scienza dell’Amministrazione, 3-18, ISSN 0391-190X ISSNe 1972-4942. Ref.:

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