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Jakub Zajaczkowski


short bio of (100-200 words)

A graduate of the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (2002). Ph.D. in Political Science (2007). Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations since 2008. LLP Erasmus Programme Coordinator at the Institute. Chairperson of the Centre for Contemporary India Research and Studies.

affiliation(s) and current position at your institute

Assistant Professor

Director of the Institute of International Relations

(5-7) keywords of your research fields (both on Indo-Pacific and other)

Developing countries (political and economic aspects), security (Asia-Pacific region), international relations (South and South-East Asia), foreign and security policy (India), economic policy (India and China), regionalism and globalism, economic integration, European Union (EU and developing countries)

A list of maximum 3 relevant works/publications on Indo-Pacific

●      Polish Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific region in the early 21st Century, (in) Kamil zajaczkowski, Artur Adamczyk (eds), Poland in the European Union: Adjustment and Modernisation. Lessons for Ukraine, Warsaw-Lviv 2012

●      Migration Flows in South Asia: Social and Economic Dimensions, (in) Antonio Marquina (ed.), Perspectives on Migration Flows in Asia and Europe, Singapore, ASEF, 2011

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